Bright Ideas Consumer Newsletter

The Bright Ideas e-newsletter offers interesting home lighting tips, interior design ideas and other timely information to consumers. It is delivered monthly to consumers on the assocation's email contact list and also to member showrooms for distribution to their customer lists.

Aug. 2016: Top Trends

July 2016: Outdoor Oasis

June 2016: Modern Orbs

May 2016: Vintage is Modern

April 2016: Get the New Lighting Magazine

Jan. 2016: Light Like a Pro

Dec. 2015: Light Your Life

Nov. 2015: Holiday Home

Oct. 2015: Shape Your Style

Aug. 2015: Get Your Fan On

July 2015: Perfect Kitchen Lighting

June 2015: Chill Out

May 2015: Everyday Elegance

April 2015: Simply Stunning Spaces

March 2015: Step into the Light

Jan. 2015: Lighten Your Work

Nov. 2014: Live, Love, Light

Oct. 2014: Welcome Home

Sept. 2014: Fall Back

Aug. 2014: Game Time

July 2014: Outdoor Lighting

June 2014: Keep Your Cool

April 2014: Statement Piece

March 2014: Dazzling Design Ideas

Feb. 2014: Spice Up Your Kitchen

Jan. 2014: Lighten Up to Chase Away Winter Blues

Dec. 2013: Switch Your Switch

Nov. 2013: Chandelier Design

Oct. 2013: Holiday Lighting

Sept. 2013: Money Saving Tips

July 2013: Fantastic Fans

June 2013: Stylish Trends

April 2013: A Stunning Statement

Feb. 2013: Form + Function = Fabulous

Dec. 2012: Stop Changing Bulbs

Nov. 2012: Light for Life

October 2012: Holiday Home

September 2012: Show Time

July 2012: Bulb Q & A

June 2012: Beautiful Ideas

October 2011: Bulb Basics

September 2011: High Impact Lighting 

August 2011: Efficiency and Style 

July 2011: Live Beautifully

June 2011: Outdoor Lighting

April 2011: Aging Eyes 

March 2011: Fixtures

February 2011: Entertainment Rooms

January 2011: Turn Down, Warm Up

December 2010: Holiday Lighting

November 2010: Small Spaces

October 2010: Closets, Cabinets and Coves

September 2010: Pendants

August 2010: Ceiling Fans

July 2010: Green Renovations

Bright Ideas Consumer Newsletter