Sales Training Program

Instructed by: Mark Okun
Format: Webinar Based Training Sessions
Each course will be 20-40 minutes in length

Course Price: $39 each (click here to purchase) or 3 for $100 (click here to purchase)

The following courses will be part of 10 part series of sales training courses. Each module will present the fundamental and foundational information needed in the retail selling process for lighting showrooms and ALA members.  

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Lesson 1:   Success Mindset - The Salespersons Role in the 21st Century, it Starts with You

This course covers:

    • Attitude
    • Personal appearance
    • Product knowledge
    • Selling yourself on the product
    • Enthusiasm in retail sales
    • Ethical selling
    • Goal setting
    • Tools for success

Lesson 2:   Today’s Customer - Pre-selling: The Unseen Preparation Prior to Customer Engagement 

This course covers:

    • Considering the customer
    • What do you expect when you are a customer?
    • The value of every shopper
    • The misson of a retail salesperson
    • Defining an excellent retail customer experience
    • The impact of the internet

Lesson 3:   Consumer-driven Process

This course covers:

    • Starting the sales process
    • Buyer personas and your persona
    • The importance of first impressions
    • How to create a good first impression 

Coming Soon: 

Lesson 4:   Greeting & Relationship - Introduction to Interpersonal Skills 
Lesson 5:   Discovery  
Lesson 6:   Presentation It’s Showtime 
Lesson 7:   Building the Sale 
Lesson 8:   Sales Psychology 
Lesson 9:   Confirming the Sale