Certificate Specialist

This advanced specialist program allows members who have already earned their LS designation to gain further specialization in different areas of lighting.

Current Certificate Specialist Courses Offered:


Advanced Lamps and Light Sources

Because the light source is the heart of a lighting system, the technical underpinnings of effective design depend on a solid understanding of light sources.

Light source technology is advancing at a rapid pace.  This growth requires a designer who understands and can communicate many of the technical aspects of light sources.


Advanced Kitchen and Bath Lighting

Kitchens and baths require lighting to perform important visual tasks such as cutting food and reading medicine bottles.  Understanding the science of lighting and technical requirements for these rooms is important for visibility and safety.

Our kitchens also serve as social centers for the home, and our baths can be a retreat from our busy day. 

This monograph covers the issues you will need to consider to create lighting designs that balance these demands.


Advanced Recessed and Track Lighting

Designing recessed and track lighting systems requires finding the balance between science and art.

The mechanical and optical design and performance of these fixtures are rooted in science and engineering.  Explaining the difference between line and low volatage, construction types, trims and accessiories demands technical understanding.

But there is also art.  Effective lighting design requires an understanding of how light affects mood and atmosphere, and how the layout and application of fixtures affects the quality of the visual environment.



Each self-study, hard-copy course monograph includes an exam which must be passed before a member earns the right to be called an advanced specialist.

Additional topics will be introduced over time.

Please contact Nici Juneau at njuneau@americanlightingassoc.com to be enrolled in your final exam.

Enrolled students may begin the exam.


Order monographs online or contact Nici Juneau at njuneau@americanlightingassoc.com.