Component Manufacturer Membership


Component Manufacturer membership is for those who manufacture parts, rather than complete lighting fixtures.

Membership offers you access to the top fixture manufacturers in the industry through:

  • Electronic Member Mailing Lists

  • ALA Annual Conference Commercial Booths and Sponsorships

  • Member Newsletter Advertisements

In addition, the American Lighting Association lobbies hard for manufacturers in government on business and lighting issues. We have created alliances to make certain energy-efficiency regulations are practical for manufacturers while still reducing energy use, and we are fighting for harmonization so manufacturers are not forced to produce special products to meet state or provincial laws.

We also offer member manufacturers these programs and benefits:

  • Lighting Magazine. Produced by the ALA and Better Homes and Gardens, Lighting is the only lighting-exclusive consumer publication in North America and features product information from ALA member manufacturers.

  • Technology Updates. The ALA’s engineering resources allow us to effectively interface with UL and CSA as lighting technology advances, keeping our members on top of changing technologies and requirements.


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