Think of Lighting as Art for Your Home

Lighting is possibly the most powerful tool you have when it comes to interior design. It does not make sense to invest in beautiful furniture, rugs, paintings and accessories if they are in the dark. According to the American Lighting Association, the perfect light fixture not only illuminates a space – it is also a beautiful, decorative design element.
“When looking for a light fixture, think of yourself as a curator looking for a perfect piece of art,” says interior designer Laurie Smith. “Like art, a fabulous fixture can make a strong design statement, as well as provide illumination for your space.”
Smith gained fame as a regularly featured designer on the hit television show Trading Spaces (2000-2008). Now a spokesperson for the American Lighting Association, Smith stars in a new video series created to highlight the importance of lighting to interior design and help bring lighting to the forefront of consumers’ minds.
Videos in the series include:
Choosing the Right Lighting Fixture
Find an Object of Inspiration
The Impact of a Single Lamp
Lighting Fixtures as Art
Each minute-long video focuses on a different aspect of lighting and ways to incorporate it into every homeowner’s design plan. In the videos, Smith suggests finding one special piece and building a room around it. And, she says, do not be afraid to add interest by using a modern fixture in a traditionally decorated room or vice versa.
Often consumers do not realize the difference updated lighting can make in their homes. And sometimes just getting started is difficult and overwhelming. It is just a matter of developing a plan or one idea. That’s where a professional lighting expert at an ALA-member retail showroom can help. To find a local ALA showroom, contact ALA at 800-605-4448 or go to
The ALA is a trade association representing the lighting industry. Its membership includes lighting, fan and dimming control manufacturers, retail showrooms, sales representatives and lighting designers dedicated to providing the public with the proper application of quality residential lighting.