ALA has partnered with ENERGY STAR to provide ALA member showrooms the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition by offering customers high-quality, energy saving products that help to save energy and money on utility bills.
Energy Star

ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency. Under EPA’s leadership, American consumers, businesses, and organizations have made investments in energy efficiency that are transforming the market for efficient products and practices, creating jobs, and stimulating the economy. Now in its 20th year, the ENERGY STAR program has boosted the adoption of energy efficient products, practices, and services through valuable partnerships, objective measurement tools, and consumer education.

Why is ENERGY STAR Good for Your Business and Customers?

With energy costs and global warming top-or-mind for customers, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to offer high-quality, energy-efficient products. Manufacturers are offering more and more ENEREGY STAR certified products and utilities and energy-efficient program sponsors across the country are educating consumers and offering incentives for energy-efficient products. The growing ENERGY STAR market is a clear business opportunity for showrooms. 

In order to earn the label, ENERGY STAR products must be third-party certified based on testing in EPA-recognized laboratories. In addition to up-front testing, a percentage of all ENERGY STAR products are subject to the "off-the-shelf" verification testing each year. The goal of this testing is to ensure that changes or variations in the manufacturing process do not undermine a product's qualification with ENERGY STAR requirements. The program's emphasis on testing, third-party review, and compliance screening bolsters its integrity and ensures consumers can trust ENERGY STAR certified products to deliver the energy stavings promised by the label. To learn more about third-party certification, visith the ENERGY STAR website here.

There are ENERGY STAR specifications for several product categories offered at ALA-member showrooms, such as light bulbs, lighting fixtures, decorative light strings, ceiling fans, and ventilating fans. In addition to saving customers money by reducing their energy bills, ENERGY STAR performance requirements help provide customer satisfction and build customer loyalty, while the well-recognized ENERGYSTAR mark brings third-party government-backed credibility to your products and company, establishing you as a leader in the sale of energy-efficient products.

In addition, sales and profits can be increased because the energy savings and quality of ENERGY STAR certified products merit higher price points than standard products. Case studies have been developed for a sample of showrooms that have seen success with ENERGY STAR. To learn more about these success stories visit the business-to-business ENERGY STAR case studies here.

Benefits of Becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner Showroom:

  • Build customer loyalty and repeat business by recommending a high-quality, energy-efficient product
  • Potential to increase monthly/annual sales volume and earn higher profits
  • Benefit from ENERGY STAR's national, regional, and local marketing efforts
  • Gain access to the network of ENERGY STAR partner builders, manufacturers, and utilities
  • Save on marketing/advertising expenses by using templates created by ENERGY STAR for hang tags, brochures, and energy savings calculators
  • Use the nationally recognized ENERGY STAR mark in your promotional materials and on your Web site (subject to certain conditions)
  • Have your company name and link included on the online "store locator" list on the ENERGY STAR Web site
  • Leverage utility incentives exclusively available for ENERGY STAR qualified products
  • Receive ENERGY STAR updates

How Can Your Showroom Participate?

  1. Become an ENERGY STAR partner by completing three simple steps found here.
  2. Identify ENERGY STAR certified products in your store, and make sure that they are clearly labeled.
  3. Increase your ENERGY STAR inventory of certified products. Certified products are listed on the ENERGY STAR website here.
  4. Ask manufacturer and utility representatives for information about new ENERGY STAR certified product lines, in-store coupons, and marketing materials. A list of manufacturers that sell ENERGY STAR products, including many of the same companies you are already buying from, can be found on the ENERGY STAR website here.
  5. Call your local utility company to find out what lighting product rebates are available in your area or look here.
  6. Educate your sales staff about ENERGY STAR. Online training presentations are available on the ENERGY STAR website here.
  7. Talk to your customers about the environmental importance and financial benefits of ENERGY STAR certified products.
  8. Participate in the "Change the World. Start with ENERGY STAR" national campaign found here and take the ENERGY STAR Pledge found here
  9. For more information about ENERGYSTAR Lighting, visit,, or contact the team at