Light the Moment with ENERGY STAR

ENERGY STAR Day 2016, EPA launched “Light the Moment with ENERGY STAR” – a year-long effort urging people across the country to change a light to an ENERGY STAR certified LED bulb. The campaign will feature important life moments lit by ENERGY STAR lighting. This campaign kicked off by setting a goal of changing out 300 million bulbs, in partnership with ENERGY STAR lighting retailers, manufacturers, and utilities with lighting programs.

The campaign focuses on the personal and rational aspects of lighting to capture consumers’ interest, attention, and imagination by addressing product benefits while resonating on an emotional level:

  • Quality: Whatever the moment, there’s an ENERGY STAR certified LED light perfect for maximizing the impact.
  • Light Distribution: ENERGY STAR LED bulbs light the small, intimate moments AND the big, busy ones.
  • Long-life: Lasting over 12 years, an ENERGY STAR certified LED bulb will be there for all the moments it witnesses.
  • Environmental Protection: Protecting the planet for future generations so we can continue to experience special moments for years to come.

ALA-member showrooms interested in participating in the Light the Moment campaign can click here to download a retail flyer to share with their customers.