Customizing Bright Ideas for Showrooms

Sample of PersonalizationEmailing the Bright Ideas e-newsletter to your customers is an easy way to keep in touch and establish your showroom as a professional source for design trends.

Here are the instructions using  Microsoft Outlook 2003 on a PC. (We suggest using the free Thunderbird program for Microsoft 2007 and Mac users:

1. Create a gif or jpg of your logo. The logo should not be larger than 300px in width or height. If you would like any other information on your Bright Ideas, such as your address or phone number, these should be made part of the logo image.

2. Send your logo to Amy Wommack at She will upload it to the web and provide you with a url of your logo.

The url will look something like this:

3. Request that Amy send you Bright Ideas as an html file.

4. Start Notepad and open the Bright Ideas html file you received from the ALA. (Notepad is usually found at Start, All Programs, Accessories.)

Approximately 40 lines down, you will see this text: <!--place your code here-->

TIP:  Press the Control key and the F key to search for the correct line.

5. Replace that entire line with this: <a href="http://www.your Web site address" target="_blank"><img src="the logo url that Amy provided you"></a>

Be sure to replace the red parts with your showroom’s website address and the logo url Amy sent you. 

When finished, it should look something like this:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>

(Note: The link to your site must have the http://www. in it to work.)

6. Save the Notepad file to your computer.

7. Start Outlook and go to Tools, Options, Mail Format and make sure HTML is listed as the default message format.

8. Start Internet Explorer and open the Bright Ideas html file you saved to your computer. 

9. With the file open, click File, Send, Page by Email and send a test to yourself to ensure that everything’s correct.

TIP: You can change the Subject line to something more personal, such as Bright Ideas from (Insert Your Showroom Name).

10. Use File, Send, Page by Email again to send to your email list.

Note: You may want to create groups of 50 customers and send one group at a time to help avoid triggering spam filters.