Action Agenda



Produced annually, the ALA Action Agenda details the association's program goals and initiatives. View the 2014 Action Agenda online.

2014 Goal: Mobilize Industry Momentum
This Action Agenda charts a path forward for the American Lighting Association and its members. The plan is designed to provide the association with actionable, measurable steps to mobilize industry momentum.

To that end, we approach 2014 with these objectives:

•    Promoting the importance of lighting to consumers.
•    Fighting for members’ interests on federal, state and provincial levels.
•    Driving consumers to local lighting showrooms.
•    Providing unmatched networking and volunteering opportunities to ALA members.
•    Supplying free marketing resources for showroom use.
•    Educating ALA members through relevant lighting training.
•    Publishing Lighting magazine with Better Homes and Gardens.
•    Collaborating with other groups and agencies to position the industry for success.
•    Boosting association membership to gain a greater voice in the marketplace.

Taking these actions will enable the ALA to build cooperation among the membership and move the industry forward. Together, we will create momentum that is truly game-changing.