Lighting Specialist

To receive the LS designation, ALA members must purchase and review the Residential Lighting Training Manual and pass a final exam. Members may choose to do self-study at their own pace, or they may attend a Four-Day Residential Lighting Training course offered at least once each year.

The 45-unit, 845-page manual is the only training manual that encompasses every aspect of the residential lighting industry, including industry trends, technology and technical developments.

The LS final exam may be taken online by contacting the ALA. A score of at least 80 percent is needed on the Final Examination of the training manual to become an ALA Lighting Specialist.

Training manuals may be ordered online or through Nici Juneau at

Check for upcoming Four-Day Training Seminars here.

Please contact Nici Juneau at to be enrolled in your final exam.

Enrolled students may begin the exam.


NOTE: Lighting Specialists certified after Oct. 1, 2010, must recertify every two years by earning 4 CLC credit hours through ALA-approved training. The CLC credit hours may be earned at any time within the two-year time frame. Recertification fee: $30