Certification Programs

The ALA educational program is structured to cover technical, design and sales training from the basics through very advanced concepts. As members complete specific training requirements, they earn advanced designation titles including:


The Lighting Associate (LA) program is geared towards sales and design professionals who are new to the lighting industry and covers the basics of lighting and lighting design. ALA members can become an LA by completing all 10 of the association's online technical lighting courses. These courses are approved for CEU credit by the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED). Learn more.


The Lighting Specialist designation is an advanced accreditation earned by studying the comprehensive Residential Lighting Training Manual and passing a final exam. It is recommended for sales and design professionals who have basic lighting knowledge but would benefit from more extensive training in light sources, light fixtures, residential lighting design and effective selling techniques.

Members may choose to do self-study at their own pace, or they may attend a Four-Day Residential Lighting Training course offered at least once each year. Learn more.


The Certificate Specialist program allows members who have earned the Lighting Specialist or Certified Lighting Consultant (CLC) accreditation to gain additional expertise in specialized lighting topics. Certificate Specialist courses are currently available for Kitchen and Bath Lighting, Recessed and Track Lighting, and Lamps and Light Sources. Learn more.


The CLMR accreditation program is an advanced accreditation available to independent manufacturers representatives who have been in the lighting industry for at least 24 months. Members earn the accreditation by completing a specified number of credit hours in both technical lighting training and sales training and submitting a letter of recommendation from a fellow rep, a manufacturer and a lighting showroom. Learn more.


Certified Lighting Consultant (CLC) is the highest design designation offered by the ALA and is available to members who have already earned their Lighting Specialist accreditation. It is especially recommended for business owners, sales professionals and lighting designers.

Members earn the CLC by completing a specified number of credit hours from ALA Certification Board-approved education courses and passing a blueprint exam. Learn more.