Professional Education

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As part of the ALA mission to promote increased sales and the proper usage of residential lighting in the home, the American Lighting Association offers an extensive educational program for its members. Topics range from the basics of lighting to proper lighting design and advanced sales techniques.

The ALA training education program is supported by an array of training materials and training sessions made available to members throughout the year, and training achievements are recognized through the attainment of advanced certification designations.

Certification Programs

The ALA educational program is structured to cover technical, design and sales training from the basics through very advanced concepts. As members complete specific training requirements, they earn advanced designation titles including Lighting Associate, Lighting Specialist, Certified Lighting Manufacturers' Representative and Certified Lighting Consultant. Learn more about ALA Education Program

Training Materials

The ALA's training materials supporting its advanced educational programs include the Residential Lighting Training Manual, Certificate Specialist Monographs and Sales Training DVDs. Learn more about ALA's Training Materials

Training Sessions

Live and online training sessions covering lighting technologies and design methods, as well as sales techniques, are offered through various platforms, including webinars, live seminars and online training courses. Each course earns participants credit hours towards advanced designations. Learn more about Live Webinar Training Sessions.

ALA's live webinars are also available in recorded formats. Learn more about ALA's
On Demand Webinars, which can be viewed 24/7 at your convenience.

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