2010 ALA Annual Conference

What's In It For You?



Peer-to-Peer Information

DISCOVER what your fellow showrooms are doing to grow their business

BUILD relationships with your suppliers and reps in a non-sales environment

Advice from Experts

LEARN how to use the Internet to find and keep loyal customers

GET tips on which modern lighting technologies you should stock

Seminars Tailored to Showrooms:

How to Buy Right and Update Your Showroom

Mom and Pop on Top: How to Be Small but Play Large

Internet Marketing from Real Life Experience

“I really enjoyed the September 2010 Conference and felt I walked away with a wealth of information and resources.”

– Catherine H. Slack, Southern Design Lighting Gallery, Shreveport, La.




Relationship Building

NETWORK with manufacturers and customers in a casual setting

to fellow reps to see what’s working for them

A Professional Advantage

LEARN how to use your computer and mobile devices as efficiently as possible

EARN credits towards your Certified Lighting Manufacturers’ Representative (CLMR) accreditation

Seminars Tailored to Reps:

Solutions for Reps' Biggest Challenges

New Revenue Sources in a World of Declining Margins

Harnessing Technology to Sell More Lighting Products

“This has to be the No. 1 industry networking opportunity. The ALA Conference is a must-attend event if you are going to keep up with fast-changing times.”

– Fred Fennell, CLMR, Fennell Marketing & Sales, Ltd., Barrie, Ontario




Customer Relationship Building
GAIN invaluable business insights from the retailers and reps selling your products

GET to know your current and potential customers in a no-pressure environment

Manufacturers’ Booth Display

SHARE your company’s information and products with potential customers

PROMOTE new products and programs in a casual setting

Seminars Tailored to Manufacturers:

Current and Emerging Issues in Freight Transportation Facing Your Business

"Tribal" Sales Cultures Outperform

“In a few short hours, the lunch with exhibitors at the ALA Annual Conference catapulted my new company from unknown to in-demand.”

– Cheryl Engstrom, Recesso Lights, Kirkland, Wash.