2010 ALA Annual Conference

Conference Seminars

Road Map to IMAP and Other Anti-Trust Issues Along the Distribution Chain

David McAtee and Bill Morrison
Haynes and Boone LLP

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With recent changes in the law, and increased use of Internet sales, the antitrust issues associated with product distribution and pricing have changed as well.

Covered in this seminar:

  • The latest on Internet minimum advertised price (IMAP) programs
  • How new laws have changed minimum advertised price (MAP) programs and unilateral minimum price (UMP) policies
  • How to navigate retail price agreements with brick and mortar stores

David McAtee
and Bill Morrison

David McAtee is a nationally-recognized lawyer who represents corporate and individual clients in antitrust, environmental and complex commercial litigation matters.

Bill Morrison concentrates his legal practice in the defense of corporations and executives in federal criminal proceedings and complex business litigation with an emphasis in antitrust and corporate compliance. 


Avoiding Liability – Successfully Traversing the Legal Minefield that Confronts Your Rep Business 

Daniel E. Beederman, Esq.
Schoenberg, Finkel, Newman & Rosenberg LLC

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Every day you and your business are exposed to the risk of potential claims for violations of laws and regulations, as well as damages arising from your conduct.

Covered in this seminar: 

  • How to minimize your exposure to antitrust violations and product liability claims
  • The legal definitions of commercial defamation and intellectual property infringement and how to avoid them
  • How to handle the most common tax, employment and other liability issues confronting businesses today

About Daniel E. Beederman, Esq.

Dan Beederman is an attorney in Chicago, Ill., who has handled legal issues involving independent sales representatives for 30 years.

Call him at 312-648-2300, ext. 303, to schedule a no-charge, 30-minute consultation during Conference.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property from Counterfeiting

Brian H. Monks
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Counterfeiting, worldwide, is reaching pandemic level and no industry or company is immune to the threat.

Covered in this seminar: 

  • The seriousness of counterfeiting and how it can affect a manufacturer’s business
  • How real-life companies have dealt with the threat of counterfeiting
  • Steps you should take to protect your intellectual property

About Brian H. Monks

Brian Monks is the vice president of anti-counterfeiting operations for Underwriters Laboratories Inc. He works closely with the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and law enforcement agencies internationally to identify and seize products bearing counterfeit UL Marks. Monks has worked in the area of intellectual property enforcement for more than ten years and was the driving force behind the creation of UL’s well-respected program.