2010 ALA Annual Conference

Conference Seminars

Ultimate Kitchen and Bath Lighting

Joseph Rey-Barreau, AIA, IES
University of Kentucky

Consumers are often willing to spend considerably more per square foot in their kitchen and bath than in any other rooms in their homes.

Covered in this seminar:

  • Specific design techniques for creating extraordinary kitchen and bath environments
  • Which fixtures, lamps and lighting controls can be used together to create a custom look
  • What information to share with customers to help them see the potential for lighting these spaces

About Joseph Rey-Barreau, AIA, IES

Joe Rey-Barreau, ALA consulting director of education, is an architect, lighting designer and award-winning, tenured professor at the University of Kentucky in the School of Interior Design.

He is the creator of the Residential Lighting Sales Success System, a series of seminars on DVD teaching sales techniques to lighting sales professionals.

Technology for Illuminating Home Theaters

Joseph Rey-Barreau, AIA, IES
University of Kentucky

Home theater rooms can be quite sophisticated, and the systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Covered in this seminar:

  • How to create an ideal lighting environment for home theater spaces
  • How to use this knowledge to sell high-tech lighting products at higher margins in your showroom
  • How to use home theater lighting as a marketing tool 

Pre-Conference CLC Course*

Low-Voltage Lighting – What You Should Know Before Writing the Specification

David Craige, CLC
Peak to Creek Group LLC

Speaker Download

With its energy-efficient properties and ease of maintainence, low-voltage lighting has become a popular choice for residential lighting customers.

Covered in this advanced pre-Conference course:

  • Standard residential applications of low-voltage lighting
  • The code requirements for low-voltage lighting and how to implement the NEC in your design
  • How ambient heat, wiring specifications and dimming controls affect low-voltage performance

About David Craige, CLC

David Craige, founder of Peak to Creek Electrical Group LLC in Telluride, Colo., spent five years in corporate America before losing the shirt and tie to pursue a career in construction as a licensed journeyman in the electrical trade. Now a CLC, he works with world-renowned architects providing lighting design and
lighting control programming.

Pre-Conference CLC Course*

The Best Applications of Low-Voltage Lighting Throughout the Home

David Craige, CLC
Peak to Creek Electrical Group LLC

Whether used to provide soft, ambient lighting or surprising, dramatic accents, low-voltage lighting can make an ordinary space in the home truly shine.

Covered in this advanced pre-Conference course: 

  • Ideas for using low-voltage lighting in kitchens and cabinet areas
  • How to make a statement with low-voltage lighting in beams, coves and swimming pools
  • Code restrictions for lighting in closets

*Pre-Conference course fees are $100 each or $169 for both. They are not included in the Conference registration fee.