2010 ALA Annual Conference

Conference Seminars

Making Lighting Work for the Next Generation: Attracting and Retaining Gen Xers and Millennials

Merri Mai Williamson
Application Researchers

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Astute employers recognize that one of the keys to surviving and thriving in this economy is recruiting and managing talent drawn from the two younger generations.

Covered in this seminar:

  • How to attract good employees from Gen X and the Millennials
  • How younger employees work and communicate differently
  • How to keep younger team members engaged and productive

About Merri Mai Williamson

Merri Mai Williamson incorporated her own screening procedures into the hiring process at her employer’s firm to reduce attrition more than 50 perent in the first year. Now on her own, Williamson’s Application Researchers® is a thriving, award-winning licensed private investigative agency.


Position Your Store for the New Market
Challenge and Create Your Own Economy

Barbara Crowhurst
Retail Makeover Specialist

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The right retail business practices can help you have your best year end ever and start paying yourself better – even in these slow economic times.

Covered in this seminar:

  • How to attract new customers, increase the number of times existing customers come into your store and increase sales
  • Key tips to help you stay within buying and operational budgets and avoid or decrease debt
  • The nine best retail business practices that will help grow your business

About Barbara Crowhurst

Barbara Crowhurst is a retail specialist, business coach, writer, international speaker and trainer whose comprehensive retail makeovers have helped thousands of retailers avoid common mistakes and find ways to keep customers amazed and coming back time after time. She can be reached through her Web site at www.BarbaraCrowhurst.com.

Getting Paid For Your Success as a Rep

Daniel E. Beederman, Esq.
Schoenberg, Finkel, Newman & Rosenberg LLC

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As an independent sales representative, it is important to increase the likelihood that you will be paid all of the commissions you have earned.

Covered in this seminar:

  • Which terms to include in your rep agreement and which to leave out
  • What your legal options are if you are terminated improperly, including the differences between arbitration and litigation
  • The ins and outs of statutory protection and other remedies

About Daniel E. Beederman, Esq.

Dan Beederman is an attorney in Chicago, Ill., who has handled legal issues involving independent sales representatives for 30 years.

Call him at 312-648-2300, ext. 303, to schedule a no-charge, 30-minute consultation during Conference.

Successful Business Strategies for Modern Showrooms

Moderator: Karen Barry 
The Friedman Group

Panel Members:

Marty Bursky, Cleveland Lighting Center
David Director, CLC, Connecticut Lighting Centers Inc.
Laurie Gross, CLC, Gross Electric Inc.
Kevin M. Herdt, CLC, Austin Bluffs Lighting
Larry W. King, LS, Capital Lighting
John Rot, Hortons Home Lighting
Jon Sayah, Lights Fantastic

Covered in this seminar:

  • Examples of business strategies that are working for today's lighting showrooms