Home Theater Lighting

Proper lighting in a home theater room requires a mix of ambient and accent lighting to enhance your viewing, help prevent eyestrain and make the room practical to move around in after the movie.

Lighting Techniques for Home Theater

For general lighting, recessed fixtures on a dimmer provide soft ambient light that will let you see your popcorn without distracting from the movie. Another option is to install wall sconces or set track lighting to provide a glow along the room's walls.
Photo Credit: Element Lighting

Track lighting is excellent for its flexibility and can provide ambient, task or accent lighting in a flexible lighting system. You can move, swivel, rotate and aim the individual fixtures in any direction along the track, giving you the versatility to change the lighting scheme when needed.

Lighting controls give you the flexibility to design a lighting plan with multiple uses and decorative effects. With the touch of a button, today's sophisticated dimming systems enable you to lower light levels to suit the activity.

With Lutron's cellular shades (right), a single press of a button from a remote control can set multiple shades in motion, making it convenient to open and close hard-to-reach window treatments, all while reducing glare and increasing privacy.
Photo Credit: Lutron Electronics Co.