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Aug. 2015: Get Your Fan On

July 2015: Perfect Kitchen Lighting

June 2015: Chill Out

May 2015: Everyday Elegance

April 2015: Simply Stunning Spaces

March 2015: Step into the Light

Jan. 2015: Lighten Your Work

Nov. 2014: Live, Love, Laugh

Oct. 2014: Welcome Home

Sept. 2014: Fall Back

Aug. 2014: Game Time

July 2014: Outdoor Lighting

June 2014: Keep Your Cool

April 2014: Statement Piece

March 2014: Dazzling Design Ideas

Feb. 2014: Spice Up Your Kitchen

Jan. 2014: Lighten Up to Chase Away Winter Blues

Dec. 2013: Switch Your Switch

Nov. 2013: Chandelier Design

Oct. 2013: Holiday Lighting

Sept. 2013: Money Saving Tips

July 2013: Fantastic Fans

June 2013: Stylish Trends

April 2013: New Lighting Magazine

February 2013: Form + Function = Fabulous

December 2012: Enjoy Life

November 2012: Light for Living

October 2012: Holiday Home

September 2012: Show Time

July 2012: Bulb Q & A

June 2012: Beautiful Ideas

May 2012: Set the Mood

April 2012: Lighting as Design

March 2012: The Art of Lighting

January 2012: Task Lighting

December 2011: Shape Up Your Space

November 2011: Home for the Holidays

October 2011, Bulb Basics

September 2011, High Impact Lighting

August 2011, Efficiency and Style

July 2011, Live Beautifully

June 2011: Outdoor Lighting

April 2011: Aging Eyes

March 2011: Fresh Look

February 2011: Entertainment Rooms

January 2011: Turn Down, Warm Up

November 2010: Small Spaces

October 2010: Closets, Cabinets and Coves

September 2010: Pendants

August 2010: Ceiling Fans

July 2010: Green Renovations

May 2010: Kitchens

March 2010: Baths

December 2009: Holiday Entertaining

Fall 2009: Easy Changes

Spring/Summer 2009: Inexpensive Updates

Winter 2009: Money Smart Ideas

Fall 2008: Energy Savings

Summer 2008: Outdoor Spaces

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