Richard D. Upton, CCE
President/Chief Executive Officer
214-698-9898, ext. 225

Eric Jacobson, CAE
Executive Vice President, Membership
214-698-9898, ext. 224

W. Lawrence Lauck
Vice President, Communications
214-698-9898, ext. 227

Beth Bentley, CMP
Director of Conferences
214-698-9898, ext. 228

Wendy E. Rollins, IOM
Director of Finance
214-698-9898, ext. 222

Nici Juneau, LA
Director of Education
214-698-9898, ext. 226

Shay Paulson
Manager of Communications & Marketing
214-698-9898, ext. 233

Amy Wommack
Communications Coordinator
214-698-9898, ext. 223

Elizabeth Ware
Program Coordinator
214-698-9898, ext. 221

Cecilia Chavez
Assistant to the President
214-698-9898, ext. 232

Outsourced Staff

Terry K. McGowan, FIES, LC
American Lighting Association
Director of Engineering and Technology

Norm R. Brown, CLC
Norburn Lighting & Bath Centre
Education Instructor

Joseph A. Rey-Barreau, AIA, IES
University of Kentucky
Education Instructor

Stanley D. Johnston, CLC, CLMR
Johnston Lighting Associates
Education Instructor

Daniel L. Blitzer
Contract Marketing
Education Instructor