DOE Zero Energy Ready Home™ Program
Zero-Energy-Ready-Home-Partner-Logo.jpgALA is an Innovation Partner to the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Zero Energy Ready Home™ Program. As an Innovation Partner, ALA supports the DOE's national campaign to educate consumers on the benefits of DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes by promoting the Tour of Zero. Click here to learn more about DOE Innovation Partners.
A DOE Zero Energy Ready Home is a high-performance home, which is so energy efficient that a renewable energy system could offset all or most of its annual energy consumption. 

Since 2008, the DOE's Builders Challenge program has recognized hundreds of leading builders for their achievements in energy efficiency - resulting in over 14,000 energy efficient homes and millions of dollars in energy savings. The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home™ Program - formerly DOE Challenge Home - represents a whole new level of home performance, with rigorous requirements that ensure outstanding levels of energy savings, comfort, health and durability.
Innovation Partners

Innovation Partners are entities - other than builders, verifiers or architects and designers - that support efforts to build, create and/or sell zero energy ready homes. Specific relevant organizations include, but are not limited to, building product manufacturers, retailers, utilities, energy efficiency programs, non-profit energy organizations, and state/local government. If a manufacturer or retailer would like to join as a partner, they must manufacture/sell products that can be used in a zero energy ready home to help comply with program specifications. Each partner application will be reviewed to verify this eligibility before being approved by DOE. 

ALA members interested in learning more about becoming an innovation partner, may click here.