Energy StarALA has partnered with ENERGY STAR to provide ALA member showrooms the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition by offering customers high-quality, energy saving products that help to save energy and money on utility bills.


ENERGY STAR is a voluntary, government-backed energy efficiency program that helps consumers easily identify high-quality, energy-saving products, homes, and buildings. Products that earn the ENERGY STAR use less energy and prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE). For more information about ENERGY STAR, visit

Why is ENERGY STAR Good for Your Business and Customers?

With energy costs and global warming top-of-mind for consumers, it is important for many businesses to offer high quality, energy efficient products. Manufacturers are increasing their offering of ENERGY STAR qualified products and utilities and energy efficiency program sponsors across the country are educating consumers and offering incentives for energy efficient products. The growing ENERGY STAR market is a clear business opportunity for showrooms.

In addition to saving customers money by reducing their energy bills, ENERGY STAR qualified products must meet strict performance criteria set by the EPA and DOE. As an example, ENERGY STAR qualified residential light fixtures must start instantly (in under one second), have a long lamp life (10,000 hours), must be flicker free, cannot exceed maximum noise levels, and cannot exceed proper ballast temperature to assure durability. This is all backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty, which is double the one-year industry standard.

Similarly, quality guidelines exist for other ENERGY STAR qualified products, such as ceiling fans, ventilating fans, and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. The quality controls help provide customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty, while the well-recognized ENERGY STAR mark brings third-party government-backed credibility to your products and company, establishing you as a leader in the sale of energy-efficient products.

In addition, sales and profits can be increased because the energy savings and quality of ENERGY STAR qualified products merit higher price points than standard products. Case studies have been developed for a sample of showrooms that have seen success with ENERGY STAR. To learn more about these success stories visit the business-to-business ENERGY STAR case studies.

Benefits of Becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner Showroom:

  • Build customer loyalty and repeat business by recommending a high quality, energy-efficient product
  • Increase monthly/annual sales volume and earn higher profits
  • Benefit from ENERGY STAR's national, regional, and local marketing efforts
  • Gain access to the network of ENERGY STAR partner builders, manufacturers, and utilities
  • Save on marketing/advertising expenses by using templates created by ENERGY STAR for hang tags, brochures, and energy savings calculators
  • Use the nationally recognized ENERGY STAR mark in your promotional materials and on your Web site (subject to certain conditions)
  • Have your company name and link included on the online "store locator" list on the ENERGY STAR Web site
  • Leverage utility incentives exclusively available for ENERGY STAR qualified products
  • Receive ENERGY STAR updates

How Can Your Showroom Participate?

  1. Become an ALA/ENERGY STAR partner by contacting Priya Barua, ICF International, at (202) 862-1206 or
  2. Identify ENERGY STAR qualified products in your store, and make sure that they are clearly labeled.
  3. Increase your ENERGY STAR inventory of qualified products. Qualified products are listed on the ENERGY STAR Web site.
  4. Ask manufacturer and utility representatives for information about new ENERGY STAR qualified product lines, in-store coupons, and marketing materials. A list of manufacturers that sell ENERGY STAR products, including many of the same companies you are already buying from, can be found on the ENERGY STAR Web site.
  5. Call your local utility company to find out what lighting product rebates are available in your area.
  6. Educate your sales staff about ENERGY STAR. On-line training presentations are available on the ENERGY STAR Web site.
  7. Talk to your customers about the environmental importance and financial benefits of ENERGY STAR.
  8. Participate in the ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign.
  9. For more information about ENERGY STAR Lighting visit:

What is the ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign?

Annually, the EPA, DOE, and Department of Housing and Urban Development promote ENERGY STAR qualified light bulbs and fixtures during its national Change a Light, Change the World campaign. The campaign gains momentum throughout the summer and early fall, with a central rallying point for media and PR activities on the first Wednesday in October, ENERGY STAR Change a Light Day. Organizations play an integral role in the campaign by setting their own pledge goal and inviting their surrounding community to join the larger ENERGY STAR Change a Light community in preserving our nationÕs energy resources and environment. The ALA/ENERGY STAR partnership provides you with the opportunity to participate in this campaign by receiving free ENERGY STAR marketing materials, training materials, and information on utility rebates and incentives that can provide savings to your customers.

To learn more about the Change a Light, Change the World campaign visit