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About American Lighting Association (ALA)

The American Lighting Association is a trade association representing the residential lighting and ceiling fan industries in the United States and Canada. Its membership includes leading lighting and fan manufacturers, showrooms (retailers), manufacturers representatives and designers. The association is led by a Board of Governors.  The 2015 Chair is Ray Angelo, president of Westinghouse Lighting, and the Chair-elect is Michael Estrin, CLMR, owner of Estrin Zirkman Sales Agency



The association's objectives are organized into three categories — public affairs, education and organizational affairs — and are updated every year in the association’s Action Agenda.

Public Affairs

  • Strengthen the BiNational Advertising/PR program
  • Promote the value of the showroom distribution channel to consumers and interior designers
  • Effectively communicate the ALA’s activities to the membership
  • Maintain involvement in U.S. and Canadian regulatory standards, code development and ceiling fan legislation
  • Remain responsive to technical issues impacting the lighting industry
  • Fight for industry interests and support proper application of lighting with energy-efficient products
  • Promote lighting safety
  • Provide technical reports and updates to ALA members
Government Affairs:
  • Further ALA's interests by lobbying through alliances with other organizations and strengthening relationships with NEMA
  • Interface effectively with Congress, the executive branch offices and federal agencies representing industry interests
  • Be alert to state/provincial issues working to gain member support
  • Lobby through alliances
  • Develop and provide members with quality training and certification opportunities
  • Help members improve and expand their businesses with up-to-date, affordable training
  • Keep ALA training materials/courses current and applicable
  • Promote ALA certified/accredited lighting to all membership categories
  • Increase the number of certified/accredited members
Annual Conference/Networking:
  • Address industry issues while providing meaningful and learning networking opportunities to improve members’ sales

Organizational Affairs

Association Growth:
  • Keep ALA dynamic through membership growth
 Member Services:
  • Continue to develop services of bottom-line value for members
  • Supply industry research data to members on which to base their decision
  •  Encourage and expand diversity of members’ involvement
  • Help showroom members develop/expand their online marketing and sales ability  
  • Promote the approved ALA data standard for the lighting industry
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